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Company Profile

Prediction Company was founded in 1991 by Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard, physicists highly acclaimed for their pioneering work in chaos theory and complex systems. Building on their earlier expertise, Farmer and Packard assembled a world class team of scientists and engineers to tackle the problem of creating predictive technology for the financial markets.

In 1992 Prediction Company signed an exclusive five year deal to provide predictive signals and automated trading systems to O'Connor and Associates, a Chicago based derivatives trading firm. In 1994 O'Connor was purchased by Swiss Bank Corporation, one of the world's largest banks. Swiss Bank extended the exclusive relationship with Prediction Company. In 1998 Swiss Bank and Union Bank of Switzerland merged to create UBS. UBS fully acquired Prediction Company in several stages from 1999 - 2005.

In early 2013, Prediction Company was acquired from UBS by an affiliate of Millennium Partners, L.P., part of a global investment management complex with over 1200 employees and approximately $17 billion AUM.

Today Prediction Company deploys highly automated, algorithmic trading systems in US, European and APAC markets. Our main office is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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